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International Companies

Thanks to the favorable EU-regulations concerning company formations over the boarders, the interest has also increased among Swedish company owners, to take a look at an establishment abroad. Earlier there has been a demand for registration of Offshore companies, mostly as a tool for tax planning. This has nowbeen changed into the possibility of increasing alternative business opportunities, mainly by increasing the business within the EU countries.  It is however, still allowed to register offshore companies as long as it follows the laws and regulations in regards to the money laundering acts.

Through the wide network of international contacts, Renemes Management AB has the possibility to, in most cases, offer help and assistance to our clients. Should we however not be able to help our client, we would tell them to look for other solutions and we will do our best to recommend and find other ways.

Renemes Management has a long experience of international company formation. Please contact us for an ananalyze of your demands and what opportunities would be acceptable for you.