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Below you will find a presentation of the type of services and possibilities that Renemes Management AB can offer:

International Company Formation

Renemes Management AB co-operate with some of the leading companies within The International Company Formation Industry, including the necessary domestic corporate services. This gives the opportunity for our clients to form and register companies in most common countries as well as within the EU. Primarily we have focused on the United Kingdom, but we can also assist in several other countries. Due to our long experience and strong partners we can offer a wide range of services to our clients.

Swedish Company Formation

Regarding company formation in Sweden, we have a skilled and experienced number of people inhouse. They can solve most of the questions and requirements that our clients may have. Should there however be areas where we cannot help or assist, we have partners that can. Our mission is to, together with our partners, find best possible solution for you, even on those questions and needs we cannot solve ourselves. As we previously stated, you as our client shall concentrate on your own business and let us handle the rest.

Bookkeeping, Audit and Annual Reports

Most of these services will be handled by our own staff. In those cases the laws and regulations says you need an authorised Accountant, we have a close cooperation with a major Accountancy  Firm. As far as International companies are concerned, these services will be carried out by our partners in each country respectively.

Bank and Finance Service

Renemes Management AB has a close co-operation with several Banks, Finance and Investment Companies. Which gives us access to many of the banking services needed and required for a company, regardless in which country they are operating? It also gives us an opportunity to offer banking services for the company owner for  private needs.

It gives our clients access to a number of professional Advisers, International as well as National, who can help and guide the clients when Capital Investments are concerned.

It is very important for us and our partners within the Bank, Finance and Investment Industry,

to follow the laws and regulations that is valid in each separate country. Today, more than ever, it is important to know who you are doing business with (Know Your Client). Due Diligence is something that the Business Community has use as a tool in the day to day business.

Local Management

Renemes Management AB provides a local management if the client so requires. This service is first of all for those clients who, for various reasons, are unable to lead and manage the daily administration of the company. We will take care of all contacts with the local Authorities, other types of service suppliers as well as local customers. It always makes things easier when you have local knowledge. This type of services are of course essential for those client who wants to be completely anonymous and have total confidentiality. For Sweden we have our own staffs that have the proper education and experience to handle these matters. In other countries our partners will take care of the necessary service.


See Local Management.

Tax Planning

Through our own staff and the legal partners we co-operate with concerning tax laws/planning, Renemes Management AB are a strong part to discuss these issues with. It does not matter if the company is an International or a National one. Our policy is also to tell a client when we are unable to help or when our knowledge or experience are not high enough, however we will always recommend the client alternative solutions. We also recommend our clients to seek professional help themselves in order to get a second opinion.

We will ofcourse give the client best possible help and assistance through our legal partner.


To be able to offer our clients best possible legal assistance Renemes Management AB has a close co-operation with an independent and well known Swedish Lawfirm. This Lawfirm offers clients advice and services within the total range of corporate law. The Lawfirm has wide spectra of clients, International as well as National, small businesses and all the way up to big Corporations noted on the Stock Exchange. The Lawfirm is also a partner in a well established European network of Lawfirms, which makes it easier for the clients on the international market and gives access to best possible legal advice in each country.

Credit reports, Credit control, Invoicing, Invoice control, Factoring,

Debt collection

When the above fields are concerned we are fortunate to have a close co-operation with one of the major companies in Sweden. This gives us a wide range of additional services. Our partners are represented all over Sweden and due to their International network we can offer these services to all our clients. There is also access via the internet for most of these services.

International Network “ Business to Business”

The people working in or close to Renemes Management AB, has a long experience and competence, as well as a high degree of the service level. Many of us has lived and worked

several years outside of Sweden and during that time found a lot of valuable business contacts

within different fields of business. In most cases these contacts does not know of each others existence and if they do, have no idea what type of business the other contact is in. Our business concept contains a desire to connect these business contacts with each other, in order to open opportunities for a business co-operation. Our plan is to continue to develop this part of our business by using the modern technology that is at our disposal, Internet.  However, since it is also in our business concept to offer our clients full secrecy and confidentiality, we will at all times discuss with the client if and how such a co-operation will take place. We have a hundreds of that kind of contacts of our own, and together with those from our business partners, we know that the demand for these kinds of services are significant. Do you as a company/company owner already today have the need for a business partner in a special field; do not hesitate to contact us. Maybe we can give you some interesting business opportunities. Fill in the additional form attached to the website and we will get back to you as soon as possible.